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Thank you for the honor of serving the people of the 49th District as your Representative in the North Carolina House. With your strong volunteer and financial support, I am so grateful for your shared commitment to build a North Carolina that works for everyone.

I have filed to run for re-election to continue our work!


The Republican Majority continues to push through legislation that focuses on the wrong priorities.  They miss opportunities to work with Democrats and Governor Cooper.  I believe that the people of North Carolina want us to work together -- for responsive, representative, and transparent government.

As a professional mediator committed to finding common ground, I want to work collaboratively to make prudent, commonsense investments in our people, our infrastructure, our environment, and our public schools.
Some of the things we should be doing:

  • Making public education our top priority. We still are not fully funding public schools and the professional educators and support staff who impact the future of our children and our state. We must invest in Universal Pre-K for all who qualify.

  • Closing the healthcare coverage gap and addressing the exploding costs of healthcare. Medicaid Expansion is a big step forward to expand coverage to the uninsured and reduce unreimbursed care that drives up insurance premiums and costs. Expansion also creates health care jobs and helps rural hospitals.  39 other states have done it – why not North Carolina?

  • A more fair tax structure.  We are on an unsustainable financial path with yearly tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations that leaves working families bearing more of the burden of funding public services. 

  • Ensuring ALL of the people of North Carolina have opportunities through affordable housing, equality and equity, environmental protections, and post-secondary education that offers job opportunities to everyone.

I believe that North Carolina can be a national leader in education, job creation, equality and equity, and good government.

Let’s stand together and elect legislators committed to building a State that gives opportunity to everyone, providing a sustainable future for our residents, our children and our grandchildren.


I remain determined to fight for you and the future of our state. I would be so honored to have your support. Thank you!

Cynthia Ball

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