Spring Reception
Co-hosted by Joyce Fitzpatrick and Jay Stewart, Gary and Gwyn Pearce, Gail Perry

Wednesday, April 13th
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Home of Gail Perry
Raleigh, NC
Thank you sponsors!
Richard Adelman, Ann and Gerry Akland, Jill and Jeff Braden,
Mary Mac and Tom Bradshaw, Tom and Lisa Grele Barrie,
Ruth Bromer and Joseph Huberman, D
an Bruer, Matt and Anne Bullard,
Ann and John Campbell, Russell and Ashley Campbell, Jean and Paul Carr, 

Danette and Lee Carter, Sarah Crawford, Don and Peggy Davis, Jenny McGhee Edwards,
Martha and Hon. Robert Farmer, Lyne and Kathryn Gamble, Mark and Katherine Griffith, 

Hon. Duane Hall, Mary Anne Howard and Steve Schuster, Ann Howe,
Jerry Leonard and Kathy McKee, Betsy Levitas, Cornelia McMillan, 
Jeff and Suzanne Morrison,
Susan and Reid Overcash, Tom Oxholm, Alitha Palich, Mack Paul,
Lisa Piercy,
Jane Pope, Tom Rabon, Jonathan Sasser, Cosette Serabjit-Singh and Dick Philpot, 

Sandra Simpson, Karen Sinclair, Ann and Wade Smith, Fred Stanback, Gerda Stein,
Hon. Russ Stephenson and Ellen Longino, Jeanne Tedrow, Edward and Christina Block Terrell,
Molly Urquhart and Bill Mears, Barbara Wishy and Peter Rumsey, Elaine Wood, Smedes York