Dear Friends,

Thank you for the honor of serving the people of the 49th District as your Representative in the North Carolina House. In 2016, with your support and encouragement, we were able to win one of the most competitive races in the State and take a step towards the goal of creating a more balanced legislature that represents ALL of the people in NC. We are so grateful to have your shared commitment to that goal.


During my first term, I have been concerned about the huge partisan divide that exists in our General Assembly. The supermajority has pushed through legislation that has focused on wrong priorities, missing opportunities to build a stronger state. As a mediator, I have tried to work with all members to find common ground in addressing the issues we face and make prudent, common sense investments in our people, our infrastructure, our environment, and our public schools. Too often, we have not allowed the voices and needs of ALL North Carolinians to be heard and addressed. We must find ways to work together more effectively in the future.

I believe that North Carolina can be a leader in education, job creation, and good government. Please join me in this effort to make sure ALL North Carolinians are well educated, prosperous and healthy, with sufficient financial resources to live an abundant life.

Please let me hear from you with your questions, concerns, and ideas. Thank you!


Rep. Ball joins Gov. Cooper and other leaders at the grand opening 



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