Dear Fellow North Carolinian,

      North Carolina became one of the best places to live in America thanks to wise leaders who had vision, and understood that education was the key to a better future for all our citizens. They made prudent investments in our people, our infrastructure, our environment, and our quality of life. It worked. Our economy flourished. Companies relocated here bringing high paying jobs. Young parents moved here for those jobs and for great public schools, community colleges and universities.

      Unfortunately, in recent years the NC we love has fallen behind. Rather than continuing to invest sufficiently in our children’s future, legislation has focused too frequently on pleasing special interests. Frequently, state government has been overreaching into local issues – with redistricting of local elections and taking away the voice of average landowners.  We are losing our best public school teachers to other states or other professions. There has been anemic job growth mostly in low paying service jobs rather than in the jobs that will grow a stronger middle class. Many of our seniors are struggling to live on fixed incomes and to find affordable health care.  The shift of a greater tax burden down from the wealthy and large corporations onto the backs of middle class and working families is threatening our future. We CAN and SHOULD do better.

      That's why I am running for North Carolina House in District 49, to put our State back on track.  As a native North Carolinian from a modest upbringing in a small town, I've witnessed firsthand how education and opportunity has made a difference for so many, and I've seen that all that we love about North Carolina is now being put at risk by the path we're on.

      We need strong public schools across the entire state.  We must ensure that our young people and adult lifetime learners can attend affordable universities and community colleges to prepare for the jobs of the future.  Our economy needs the stability of a vibrant middle class to grow small businesses and generate a dependable tax base.

      As your Representative,  I will use  my training and experience in business and in mediation to focus on common sense solutions, not on crippling partisan ideology, and to build on the wonderful strength and tenacity of all those who call our State home .  I need your help.  Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow for ALL North Carolinians.

I invite you to join us on this journey! Thank you!

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